More About Coach Lisa

Lisa Strei is a Certified Wellness coach, wife, and busy mother of 4.  She holds a Bachelors of Science degree and Masters of Business Administration from Iowa State University, as well as her Life Coaching Certification from The Coach Training Academy which is a program accredited through the International Coaching Foundation. 

Lisa set out to form The Balanced Life Project in 2017, after leaving a 12-year career with a Fortune 500 company in the Insurance and Financial Services industry.  During this time, Lisa coached clients on different types of risk and asset protection.  She also trained and coached agents and other field employees on new products, technology, and processes, while earning her Certified Life Underwriter and Life Insurance Training Council Fellow designations.  It was here that Lisa found her passion for training, coaching, and helping others reach their true potential in their careers.


Lisa lives in Cedar Falls, IA, with her husband Mike, children, and Mini Goldendoodle.  She loves yoga, self-development, journaling, coffee, and watching home-improvement shows (although she's not handy whatsoever).   

Lisa's Story

"After the birth of my 4th child, I found it more difficult to balance work and life.  I thought transitioning from 3 children to 4 would be easy--just another plate on the dinner table, right?  For me, that wasn't the case.  I struggled!  Not only did I now have a brand new precious life to care for in addition to my 3 older children (ages 6 and under), I took on a new position at work and was put on my dream project (which is a good thing, right?).  Over the course of the next 3 years, I watched myself struggle to keep up.  Little by little my state of wellness started to suffer, as did that of my family.  So, I set out on a mission to simplify my life.  I moved to a smaller house, eliminated any excess activities, and gave up any volunteer work in which I wasn't fully present.  In addition, I started using essential oils to help with my mood and immune support, I began to remove chemicals from my home that could harm our bodies, I started cooking with whole foods, and worked to exercise more consistently.  Besides all that, I gave myself permission to just love my family and enjoy them--I discovered that life doesn't have to consist of just work and chores.  We'll say that I finally took time to 'stop and smell the roses'.  And, I felt a calling to do more--to help others live a more well, natural, and balanced life in whatever way it looks like for them.  When a friend suggested Life Coaching, I knew that was what I was looking for!  So, I jumped right into finding a certification, started classes right away, and left my work in September 2017.  I'm now fully into my mission to help others achieve their ideal state of balance--their goal, dream, or desire for their life.  Seeing that growth in others as they become empowered to care for themselves and others is so amazing!  I'm excited you're here taking that first step by seeing what The Balanced Life Project is all about!"

Peace and Wellness,