Coaching is our passion.  You are our Reason

"You ever get the feeling you want to do something, you know how but just don't have the courage or gumption?  That was me.  I was STUCK.  I didn't have the courage or strength or energy to do anything.  My brain was full of thoughts, but they had no order.


I wasn't able to make decisions.  If I did I was wishy-washy and 2nd guessing myself.


I hired Lisa to help me out with life direction and goals.  Through casual conversation Lisa extracted my priorities, put my thoughts in order and was able to help me figure things out, quickly and decisively.  Lisa was and is a pure joy to work with.  Her coaching has helped me to become more decisive, in both personal and professional venues.  She helped me to dig deep and find the confidence and courage in myself and explore future career options.  She helped empower me with the answers we found together.  


If you are questioning whether you need a life coach, you probably do.  And I can't recommend a better one than Lisa Strei."   --Jody W.

"I hired Lisa as a personal coach and it was a great investment of time and resources. Lisa is authentic, kind, and caring and there was never a doubt in my mind that what was discussed was completely confidential and safe-guarded. Through thoughtful questions, sharing observations, challenging my assumptions, and encouraging action, Lisa provided the systematic direction I needed to move forward in critical areas of my life."  --Melissa R.