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Building Great Teams

Trust & The Virtual Team

Thank you for attending the webinar Trust & The Virtual Team: Why It's Important, How to Build It, and How to Keep It.  I am excited to hear your feedback and take-away's!

What now?  Simple!  Here are your next steps to success:


Step 1:  Send me any and all questions or comments!  You may email me directly at or by using the contact link above.  

Step 2:  Watch a replay of the webinar (NOTE: if it asks for a password, please enter in 2Z.*J+*1).  You may also download a copy of the slides!

Step 3:  Choose your exclusive offer!  Click here to take advantage of these limited-time offers!

What's Next?

Offer #1:  The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Virtual Mini-Workshop 


  • Continue what this webinar started!  Take a deeper dive into all 5 behaviors.

  • Understand what effective teamwork looks like

  • Create a common language

  • Develop critical teamwork skills

  • Create cohesion & boost morale

Offer #2:  Maximize Your Team's Potential Virtual Mini-Workshop 

      $150 + cost of assessments*--through May 26, 2020

  • 100% personalized to your team!

  • Includes:

    • Offer #1, PLUS

    • 10% off the cost of assessments 

    • FREE workshop customization 

    • Extra 30 minutes to help you and your team read and interpret their personalized results!

Offer #3:  Maximize Your Individual Potential

       Cost of individual assessment*--through May 26, 2020

  • 10% off an individual assessment PLUS a FREE coaching session to interpret your results and put action around them!

*Retail price $120, special pricing $108 each